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6-10 Connector

6-10 Connector
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There was a public forum held to discuss the future of the 6-10 Connector on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Doorley Municipal Building: 444 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903.

A critical transportation route for commuters and city-dwellers alike, the 6-10 Connector connects cities and towns to the west of Providence, through Providence's Olneyville, West End, Federal Hill, Silver Lake, Hartford and Valley neighborhoods, to downtown Providence. In a critical state of disrepair, the connector will have to be replaced in the near-future, and the city would like to explore alternative configurations in order to “improve connectivity, reduce traffic congestion, decrease highway maintenance costs, and increase public health and quality of life benefits to residents and businesses.”

Partially sponsored by PPS, the Providence Department of Planning + Development invited three expert consultants: Peter Park, Veronica Vanterpool, and Ian Lockwood to discuss the future of the failing 6-10 connector. All three consultants suggested that the Connector be removed, and replaced with a surface option.

After the three consultants presented, RIDOT Director Peter Alviti, Jr presented the department's plan, which included rebuilding the Connector, partially covering a section with greenspace, and adding a dedicated express bus service lane. The project is projected to cost $800 million, with a portion to be paid by a federal FASTLANE Grant.

It is the opinion of PPS that this option is not the best solution for Providence. Rebuilding the connector at a cost of approximately $800 million, with a large portion to be paid by Rhode Island taxpayers, would only commit the state to decades of repair and maintenance costs. Additionally, the plan still keeps the surrounding neighborhoods divided from one another, and does not provide functional community space.


PPS is urging RIDOT to allow for alternative designs in its application for the grant, which is to be submitted on April 14


Rhode Island Public Radio also covered the forum.

A summary on the forum can be found here. The city is planning on releasing a video of the forum soon. We will post it here once it's available.

Below is a copy of RIDOT's presentation from the forum.

RIDOT Public Forum Presentation (pdf)