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60 Manning Street, photo by Stephanie Ewens

Broad Street Synagogue

Current Status:

Broad Street Synagogue
Broad Street Synagogue
Included on the PPS Most Endangered Properties List in 2010 and 2014, the building has been subject to vandalism and neglect ever since closing in 2006.

Over the past several months, the current owner made progress by removing mold, failing plaster, interior and exterior graffiti, and rotted hardwood. Other work included the installation of new lighting, sealing the roof while waiting for permanent metal and rubber roofing materials, and repairing the building's plumbing. 

The building was recently designated as a protected landmark by the Providence Department of Planning and Development. In 2015, the building was sold. The new owner has committed to installing a permanent roof during the summer of 2016. PPS once again listed the building on the 2016 MEP list. Look for more updates on the future of the Synagogue from PPS in the coming months.

See an amazing aerial view of the Broad Street Synagogue in our 2016 MEP Video:

Video courtesy of Scott Palmer at skybUZZ.