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From Abandonded to Esteemed

Thursday, 03/02/2006

After 15 years of vacancy and water damage, the Providence Bank Building was being prepared for demolition. The plight of ten murals depicting historic Rhode Island events and buildings painted by renowned artists J. Monroe Hewlett (1868-1941) and R.H. Ives Gammell (1893-1981) was tenuous. Quick thinking and speedy community collaboration has not only saved nine of the ten murals, five of those nine have found homes in public spaces. Meet the players involved in saving these artworks and the RISD students and their paintings conservator professor who are helping them age gracefully.

Special thanks to Blue Chip Properties, One Ten Westminster, Granoff Associates, Westcott Properties and Monohassett Mill Project for sponsoring this RISD/PPS event. We would also like to thank Angela Brown Fischer and the Hope Foundation, Thomas Goddard, and Cornish Associates for their ongoing financial support of this project.

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