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60 Manning Street, photo by Stephanie Ewens

225 Carpenter Street, Residential Rehabilitation/Neighborhood Revitalization Award, Federal Hill

The 225 Carpenter Street project functions as an excellent example of how the highest caliber of restoration can improve and preserve Providence's communities. Saved from the brink of extreme decay and inevitable demolition, the three-story residential structure has been restored by Jon Özbek who consulted with architect Kevin M. Provencher and gained necessary support and assistance from Rosa Medieros of Bank RI and the entire staff of the Providence Revolving Fund. The extensive project would not have been possible without the RI Historic Tax Credit.

Because the building had been so severely damaged, a large portion of the interior framing had to be reconstructed, and a new slate roof with copper flashing was installed. Although 225 Carpenter Street represents a renovation of the highest caliber, new whimsical details, replacing those lost years ago, help to enliven the structure. The door hood, a recreation of the original, features a crescent moon and star design. The building represents a thoughtful contribution to the historic fabric of the Luongo Square and Federal Hill communities.