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74 Dexter Street

Capital Properties, Historic Restoration Award, Congdon & Carpenter Building, 3 Steeple Street

Built in 1793, the Congdon and Carpenter building is the oldest insutrial related building in the city of Providence, and after Slater Mill, the oldest in the state. This modest three-story building is the only remnant of several industrial buildings that were once grouped along Canal Street. The Steeple Street restoration was completed in December 2010 after 18 months of construction. The restoration project started out as roof replacement project when Capital Properties first purchased the building in November of 2007. After design and project planning, the $450,000 roof replacement project was expanded to include a full historic restoration project with a budget of $2.3 Million. The total restoration project cost was $3.3 Million, resulting in a $588,000 federal historic income tax credit.