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Ionic column

Cedric Paine House, Residential Rehabilitation/Restoration Award, 272 Gano Street

The rehabilitation of 272 Gano Street has helped to preserve this one-and-one-half-story, cross-gable cottage notable for its Gothic Revival-style details with later Queen Anne additions. Property owner Gregory A. Traghella with Andrew Wiseman have worked tirelessly to preserve this important piece of the historic streetscape. Restoration work included repair and replacement of exterior clapboard, doors and trim, new fencing and landscaping while interior work included refinishing floors, repairing plasterwork and restoring original hardware and fixtures. The project serves as an excellent example of what a building owner can accomplish through years of hard work and dedication and the kind of positive impact a restored property can have on an entire street. The care and effort put forth in meticulously restoring this property will help to ensure that it remains an important piece of the Providence landscape for years to come.