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Illuminate Providence, Light and Steel, Preservation Initiative Award, Hogan/Macaulay Architects

The Society’s Preservation Initiative Award recognizes the work of an individual or organization in creating and fostering an awareness and appreciation of the historic built environment and its importance to our everyday lives. The architectural firm of Hogan/Macaulay has undertaken a monumental task with its vision for Providence and its historic structures. Steel and Light, a designated work for the 2002 Convergence International Arts Festival, was an installation of sound, light, and projected images celebrating the industrial structures of the lower Providence River. Steel and Light was an outgrowth of the firm’s lighting master plan, Illuminate Providence, a work that provides for a long-term vision of Providence at night. The plan proposes the use of light to link the city’s key historic, civic, and cultural sites, transforming and highlighting Providence’s architecture and urban environment. This work has resulted in the illumination of numerous buildings and structures throughout the city, including City Hall, the First Baptist Church, the Point Street Bridge, and the Arcade. Prior to this, these important structures became all but lost in a sea of darkness after nightfall. Now the buildings engage visitors and residents of the city in a new and meaningful way.