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Ornate window transom, photo by Pete Rienhard

Nick Oldenburg and Paul Carter, Historic Restoration Award, Joseph Cooke House, 125 Hope Street

Built in 1819, but originally located on Power Street, the Joseph Cooke House is a handsome 2 ½ story, 5 bay wide Federal period residence with a hipped roof, paneled balustrade, and tall roof-top monitor. Cooke was a prominent businessman who built the house on land he had inherited from his grandfather, Governor Nicholas Cooke. The house was moved around the corner to its present location facing Hope Street in 1885.

Architecturally there have been a number of significant alterations made to the house over time. When the house was bought by the current owners it had been cut-up into apartments and was suffering from neglect and structural deterioration. The roofing was literally falling off, as was the stucco finish that had been applied over the original clapboards at the rear ell. Interior systems, as well as the kitchen and baths, were antiquated. In addition to the structural problems, by this point in time the house had become fully surrounded by Brown University dormitory and classroom buildings and was losing its historic context. The owners, along with the help of Clifford M. Renshaw Architects, Site Specific, LCC, and Heritage Restoration, Inc., have now totally restored and refurbished the house on the interior and the exterior.