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60 Manning Street, photo by Stephanie Ewens

North Elmwood Revitalization, Phase II, Neighborhood Revitalization Award, Parkis Avenue

Continuing the outstanding work done in the project’s first phase, Phase II of the North Elmwood Revitalization continues to breathe new life and hope into this striking, historic Elmwood streetscape. CommunityWorks RI brought back Donald Powers Architects¸ Stand Corporation, and Engineering Design Services to execute the rehabilitation of a late 19th century Victorian mansion and design and build four contextual infill structures. Combined with the three historic houses restored in the first phase, CommunityWorks RI is slowly erasing all signs of the neglect, disrepair, and blight that used to dominate Parkis Avenue, only one block long but one of Elmwood’s most architecturally impressive streets.

Financing the project was no small feat. Assistance came from Bank of America, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and the Preservation Credit Fund. The Providence Revolving Fund acted as the historic preservation consultant, preparing the State and Federal Historic Tax Credit Applications and providing interface with the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and the National Park Service. This project shows CommunityWorks RI’s continued commitment to the revitalization of the Elmwood neighborhood, the rehabilitation Parkis Avenue’s significant historic buildings, and restoration of a thriving streetscape.