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Parkis/North Elmwood Homeowner's Group, Residential Rehabilitation/Neighborhood Revitalization Award, Phase I, Parkis Avenue, Elmwood

Phase I of the Parkis Avenue project represents an amazing step towards bringing new hope into one of Providence’s most important historic communities. The restoration of three beautiful late 19th century houses is nothing short of extraordinary. After years of neglect, disrepair, and poor conditions, the buildings have been beautifully restored by Greater Elmwood Neighborhood Services with the help of Paul Attemann of Donald Powers Architects and Craig Sutton of Stand Corporation. Although the buildings were, for the most part, structurally sound, they needed significant interior and exterior repairs. And though Parkis Avenue is one of Providence’s most treasured historic streets, this project has brought its buildings into the twenty first century through the use of “green” technologies, including the installation of high-efficiency appliances and the use of environmentally-friendly materials. The three buildings, once derelict and dangerous, are now safe, affordable, and welcoming homes. The monumental project has received help from Will Mayer of Engineering Design Services; financial assistance from Dorene Conlon of Bank of America, Martin Corona of Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, Michael Corso of Preservation Credit Fund, and the RI Historic Tax Credit; and preservation assistance from Clark Schoettle of the Providence Revolving Fund.