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77 Parade Street

Rhode Island State House Plaza and Terraces, Public Policy Award, State Senator Rhoda Perry and Representative Edith Ajello

The recent restoration of the Rhode Island State House Terraces by Durkee, Brown, Viveiros, and Werenfels Architects could not have happened without the drive and commitment of State Senator Rhoda Perry and Representative Edith Ajello. When in the early 1990s, PPS began a major advocacy effort to ban parking on the McKim, Mead & White-designed marble terraces at the State House, both Sen. Perry and Rep. Ajello were there to lead the way. At the time, the terraces were in a deteriorated condition from years of parked cars. PPS hoped to ban the parking and restore the terraces to their original use as an elegant forecourt to the State House. The leadership of Sen. Perry and Rep. Ajello and their sponsorship of the legislation prohibited the parking and led the way for restoration of the terraces. This recognition is particularly timely since the restoration of the terraces is finally complete and these advocacy efforts can now be fully realized and appreciated. PPS recognizes not only the craftsmanship of the rehabilitation work, but the advocacy efforts that saved a prominent feature of one of the most architecturally important buildings in the state, if not the nation.